16th Annual Sturgis Mustang Rally - August 30 - September 4, 2022

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Full on Drag Racing !!

You Must Register with the SMR Race Package to Participate in this event. The Mustang Drag Race is a True Street Bracket Event. It does not matter if your car is 6 or 8 cylinders, stick or auto.

Consistency will win the race. There are professional drag racers available to instruct and ride with you upon request. There will be a small track fee to participate in this event. The fee is in addition to fees paid for registration.

To participate in the drag races there are a few rules and regulations we ask you to follow:

* NHRA rules apply
* Races are open to registered mustangs only
* Registered mustangs must be street cars (no exceptions)
* You must provide valid drivers license and registration
* Rally numbers must be in the upper right corner of your windshield
* Provide your own Helmets are required for all racing participants

Drivers will be allowed up to three (3) practice runs to determine their bracket. This is an elimination event.

The loser of each race will be eliminated, with the winner racing again until a total of 16 cars are left. These cars (the Sweet 16) will receive an award and cash prize, they may bet 50% or 100% of that cash prize on the next race or keep it.

Eight of the Sweet 16 will move on to the next round. These Elite 8 will receive an additional cash prize and their winnings from the bet (if made). The Elite 8 have the option of betting these prize winnings on the next round as well.

Four cars will move on to the next round from the Elite 8. This group is called the Fantastic 4. The Fantastic Four receive an additional cash prize and the chance to bet their winnings on the next round.

The Dynamic Duo will be the last two cars to move on from the Fantastic 4. The Dynamic Duo receives a cash prize and can bet their winnings or keep them for the final round.

The final race between the Dynamic Duo is a best three (3) out of five (5) hot laps race that will determine who takes 1st and 2nd place. Cash prizes and trophies will be awarded.

This is Pure Adrenaline !!

Your in line and focusing on the next 10 seconds. You watch as the christmas tree blinks down to green. You launch with minimal tire spin. Your shifting at maximum RPM's. The energy of your car pushing you down the track. You look to your side and see that you just beat your opponent. It's the Art of Drag Racing between you and your car. Do you have that feeling. Lets see if you have what it takes !!

(Click Here to See SMR Drag Racing on Youtube)