16th Annual Sturgis Mustang Rally - August 30 - September 4, 2022

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Launchbox !!

How Fast Can You Launch and Stop in 60 Feet !!

You Must Register with the SMR Race Package to Participate in this event. Open to all classes, the Launch Box Competition is a single car timed event. Each competitor starts in the designated launch box racing to the stop box 60 feet away. A drivers failure to stop in the stop box results in elimination from the event. It is a test of acceleration and braking in a mere 60 feet. Are you game?

Mustangs will be selected in a random order. Drivers will begin this event in the Start Box, watching for the drop of the green flag to begin their run.

At 60 feet there will be a Stop Box. If drivers fail to stop within the Stop Box, they will be eliminated from the event. A red flag will be used to signal drivers to abort their launch / travel. Drivers are required to stop immediately upon the signal of the red flag and wait for further instructions - colored lights may replace or be used in conjunction with the red flag.

Prizes and trophies are warded to the three fastest competitors.

A Few Rules: All drivers are required to:

* Produce a valid drivers license and vehicle registration
* Inspect and show their vehicle is in safe operating conditions to SMR officials
* Sign inspection and release forms
* Wear your own helmet and seat belt
* All loose items must be secured or removed before competition

(Click Here to See SMR Launchbox on Youtube)